Monday, March 31, 2008

Murdering Your Child Out Of Religious Conviction

So, take a look at this ABC News story....

And now read this UPI news article....

And then tell me again why it's OK for religious parents and the churches to which they belong to have ANY say in how a child's health issues are dealt with?

And then tell me why the parents in these two cases should NOT be rotting in jail with no medical care, ever?

And then tell me exactly WHY the churches they belong to shouldn't be closed and the priests who preside over them shouldn't be jailed...?

Tell ya what -- if you turn 18 and you (somehow, outta the blue, cuz the great Bejeezus spoke to you) decide you want to go run off and join some lunatic fringe group, go ahead.

BUT -- there will be some rules: no talking to your kids about your weird man in the sky obsession, no taking them to your speaking-in-tongues, bobbing-your-heads, dunking-your-babies, playing-with-snakes, burning-your-incense, wearing-your-yarmulkes bullshit brainwashing sessions. You just leave them with the rational babysitter on Sunday or Saturday, be sure they attend school, are well-fed and clothed, get regular medical treatment -- and leave your crazy god ideas far away from the kids.

Because, at some point, you'll either just let them die while you wave your hands over them and ask your fairy godmother for help -- or they'll grow up to be religious freaks like you and I'll have to deal with them later in life.

- T

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