Thursday, March 27, 2008

M3 and Apertivo

OK, first I've gotta say this is the last time I'll refer to Dave's new beau Mike as M3. Now that I've met the guy, I realize he deserves more than a letter/number designation! Unfortunately, there are already PLENTY of Mikes in town.... Got a middle name, Mike? Maybe a nickname? How about "Sparky"?

We got a sneak preview of Mike at dinner tonight -- before the rest of you guys tear him to pieces tomorrow night! Gotta say he seems like a really nice guy. Pleasant, friendly, very cute. [Ad-lib your own "So what is he doing with Dave?" joke here.]

Dinner was fine -- too much penne! But, amazingly, we polished off nearly all the plates we'd ordered. Although, for a while at least two appetizers had to be in motion at any one time for everything else to fit on the table.

So, here's to Mike. May he find Dave as endearing and lovable as many of us have.

- T

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