Sunday, December 28, 2008

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Courage Campaign

Equality California

San Diego Equality Campaign

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Bit of Poetry


You know, I'm in president during this period of time but I think

uh when the history of this period is written people will realize
a lot of the decisions
uh that were made on Wall Street
took place over
you know a- a decade or so, before I arrived in president, during I arrived in president.
I'm sorry it's happening of course, obviously
I don't like the idea of people
losing jobs or being worried about their 401Ks.
On the other hand, the American people got to know that-
that uh we will safeguard the system, I mean
we're in, and if we need to be in more, we will.


Nope, this isn't gibberish (well, I guess it is, actually....) This is a statement made by George W Bush to Charlie Gibson during an interview on ABC News on December 1st, 2008.

I see a kind of poetical beauty (free-form, to be sure) in the final, stuttering utterings of our diminishing, delirious president....

Good-bye George W.... We'll miss you....

N O T !

[many thanks to Language Log for sharing this piece of art]

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