Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"I'm In Charge Here"

I've been with IKEA for almost 8 years -- most of that time as a manager.

Somehow, though, I've been lucky enough to avoid the Duty Manager
roster.... Until now.

Not that it's that bad to pull the duty, but it does take out of my day and
keeps me from my 'real' work.

But, I'm actually really good with customers and can usually calm them down
or put a smile on their face. And, it's only a few shifts a month, so it's
a nice change of pace from my regular behind-the-scenes job.

- T


Oh just Ehu. said...

MMMmmm Ikea Cinnamon buns!

Oh just Ehu. said...

[About leaving comments:]My thoughts exactly! Plus, if there's no comments on a blog I kinda feel bad for that person/blog entry.

Dang, now I'm really wanting a cinnamon bun.