Friday, June 26, 2009


From God Is For Suckers: a disgusting example of Christianity's backwards, 15th-Century attitudes and practices - - in the year 2009.

Just try and tell me there is anything redeeming about a religion that treats people -- no, CHILDREN -- in this way.

I demand you Christians never speak another word of proselytization to ANYONE until you freaks clean your own house. This includes ANY form of child abuse: the laying on of hands instead of the use of modern medicine, forcing children to attend your weird worship services, demanding your children wear religious garb of any sort in order to make them the laughing-stock of their peers -- I'm talkin' to you, yarmulke and burka fashion disasters.

And, most of all, torturing your children because they may exhibit signs of being -- GASP! -- gay or lesbian.

How dare you bring your ridiculous ancient beliefs into our modern world. Leave these silly, dangerous activities in the caves of the Negev Desert where they came from.

- T