Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back Home (aaahhh-CHOOOO!)

The trip back to San Diego was not the most pleasant. All three of us are in one stage or another of a cold/flu thingy.... I was the least buggy at the time, so I tackled the drive from Door County to O'Hare. Even with quite a bit of construction, there was little traffic and we made great time.

It turns out the worst way to fly is when you are all stuffed up, sneezing, congested -- and (like Bill) feverish. Ugh. The 5-hr drive and 4-1/2-hr flight seemed to last two days....

Easter with the family was great, though. While Bill and I continued to nap at the hotel, Tj. (who was still feeling well at the time) went to my folks' place and worked on Easter dinner. Later in the the afternoon, he drove back to the hotel and shuttled us to a wonderful meal! Thanks, Tj.!

Today was supposed to be our first workday -- but, with the bug, we've all decided to take an additional recuperation day and rest at home. (I HAVE been able to work on some of the photos from my trip -- I took nearly 400 over the 10 days, cleaned up the first 80 or so -- and posted the first 'presentable' ones on my Picasa site.)

- T

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