Friday, April 25, 2008

Apologies to Warhol

I am now the proud owner of a new MacBook. My PowerBook was beginning to show its age. It had seen me through thick and thin: being carted around town in my backpack and a move from San Diego to Hamburg and back again.

Five years of pretty much daily use had taken its toll. Recently I had the hard drive replaced after it kicked the big one. (A recent backup made that less of a major heartache than it could have been.)

Then, just a few weeks ago, the superdrive (CD/DVD burner) failed on me. I think I wanted to rip some Jamiroquai songs into iTunes [don't laugh!] when, instead of calmly taking the CD and opening iTunes, my PowerBook took the disc and spit it right back out again. How rude! Our relationship was never to be the same again.

I began looking at replacement options and felt the MacBook Pros were too big to be very portable. (They come in 15 and 17-inch sizes.) I was used to the carry-in-one-hand-while-juggling-a-Starbucks-and-a-pastry-in-the-other 12-inch size of my PowerBook. Also, at nearly double the clamshells, price became a factor, too.

But white? I'm just not really a bright colors, everything white kinda guy.... Luckily, the MacBook also comes in a great matte black.... You know which one I got!

And, once it arrived and I tested it out -- it was all over. The speed, the brightness of the new glossy 13.3-inch screen, the amazingly quick reaction times -- and the features in the new OS X Leopard. I haven't looked back.

The PowerBook got a good home, though. Tj. had been eyeing up my PowerBook for a while -- he'd been wanting to experiment with GarageBand, iPhoto, maybe even purchase Aperture.... So, along with his many other PCs, Unix boxes and Sun machine, he now has a Mac to hack away on.

- T


Oh just Ehu. said...

Hmm, you didn't get the bright white one? Awwww-cause I mean, who wouldn't want the pretty mother-of-pearl, clean, white MacBook? I know I would. It'd match everything and even bring out the brown in your eyes. Plus it'd go along with all of your Jamiroquai songs ;)

So you've been on my mind this week because I have this list going of everything I need to get at Ikea next week: glasses, a can opener, cinnamon bun, etc. Everytime I come to your blog I can't help but want a cinnamon bun more and more.

Todd said...

HA! Ehu, you're either reading past entries of my blog -- or you've been stalking me so discreetly that I haven't noticed you lookin' at my iPod and gettin' up close for an eye color check!

I'm going with the first scenario until I have reason to believe otherwise....

Didja go shopping at IKEA? Didja get a cinnamon bun? Did you listen to the overhead announcements? The deep and pleasant voice you hear is mine.

(See, if I thought you were stalkin' me, I never would have told you that!)

- T

Oh just Ehu. said...

Nope, I haven't gone to Ikea yet. I'm thinking this Saturday. Why--because other than the fact that it's my best friend's day off... I love the hordes of people that I'll have to wade thru just to get my glasses and cinnamon bun. Oh and not to mention the opportunity to build my biceps as I hold the glasses because, of course, all the carts will be gone. Hmm, maybe I need to reconsider this whole Saturday excursion. Yep, Friday evening it is.

Funny you should mention stalking you....Actually, I tried lookin' thru your pics but I couldn't find a close up of you to see your eyes.

Oh just Ehu. said...

YAAAAAAAAAAY FOR IKEA!! I forgot how much I LOVELOVELOVE that place!! I found so many new and exciting things there!! as well as handsome employees :) I ate in the cafe for the first time, soooooo delicious! And the cinnamon buns were spectacular! All in all, 4 out of 5 stars...the -1 star is because we didn't hear any 'deep and pleasant voice' announcements.