Friday, April 18, 2008

"Hey! Preachers! Leave them kids alone!"

OK, I've said it before (and fairly recently) and I apparently have to say it again -- LEAVE THE KIDS OUT OF IT! We all have heard and read about the FLDS cult in Texas that has been in the news the past week or two. (And we've certainly all seen the crazy 1800s garb and hair-don'ts that the women wear....)

More important than what the adults do in their big white barn/church, how bad their fashion sense is, what kind of damn bread they bake or how many men or women or cows they each screw around with and how often - - - HOW MANY CHILDREN HAVE THEY BRAINWASHED AND HAD SEX WITH?!

"The custody case is one of the largest in U.S. history and involves children from 6 months to 17 years in age. Roughly 100 of the children are under age 4.

State officials contend the children were being physically and sexually abused or were in imminent danger of such abuse. In initial court filings, they said girls were forced into spiritual marriages — relationships ordained by the church but not legally recognized — with adult men and that boys were conditioned to be abusers as they grew up." - The Associated Press

Do you know that some of these kids can NOT identify their own parents? Some of them have never left the compound -- and some of them are having sex with men IN THEIR FIFTIES AND SIXTIES?!?!

So, once again: do what you please. Wear whatever weird polyester farm dresses you like, go for the full-body underwear, wear a beanie or a necklace made of flower petals. Pray to Jehovah, Jah/Yah, Yahweh, Allah, Zeus, Satan, Thor or even some kook tax accountant from Utah (photo above) or his loopy rapist son - - - go right ahead. But leave the children out of it. (Again, I refer to my previous post.)

Thank you and good night.

- T


Oh just Ehu. said...

Hey, thanks for including the "F" in "FLDS"...makes a difference.

I think all of that is so extremely sad. Poor kids--I agree with you.

Todd said...

Hiya Ehu! Hope your weekend is going GREAT!

You actually crossed my mind as I wrote this. I wanted to be factually correct -- and not connect this group with any other less-harmful group.

I do have my issues with most all religions -- and the LDS are none too friendly to us gays, what with "ex-gay" camps and "reparative therapy". Not very psychologically-advanced thinking on the church's part, you must agree.

But, most Mormons could not be nicer, more caring individuals, when dealt with one-on-one. Truly some of my best friends in the past have happened to be Mormon. (As trite as that sounds!)

(Other than that one Mormon missionary who gave me crap for being gay -- while he was proselytizing on MARKET STREET in SAN FRANCISCO, of all places! Surely they prepare the missionaries in some way for the local culture, don't they? He lost the argument, by the way.) :-)

Mostly, though, my gripe is with the treatment of the kids. Do what you will -- leave the children alone.

Oh just Ehu. said...

My weekend is goin' pretty well (Thanks!)...most especially since it's not a million degrees like last weekend.

I appreciate you keeping me in mind w/ the ‘F’ :) To be honest with you, I myself have never heard of "ex-gay" camps being connected to the LDS church. As for "reparative therapy" I'm sure there is some that goes on to a certain degree.

I’m sorry to hear of your experience with the missionary. I don’t condone his actions of giving you “crap for being gay”. Since I’m from the U.S. & went on a mission here in the states--the only secular preparation I had for the local culture was everything life taught me and anything I read up on New Jersey. As for missionaries going to a different country/culture--there’s more secular preparation for their missions while in the Missionary Training Center.

If it makes any difference--some of my closest friends have been gay. (As trite as that may sound, as well!) I know what my Church has to say about Homosexuality, but in the end I believe that God wants us to be kind to everyone & love one another…just not in that FLDS way ;)