Monday, April 21, 2008

Palomar Mountain - Take Two!

Took another drive out to Palomar Mountain today. I met a buddy at IHOP in Escondido and, after breakfast, we drove out to Love Valley and got a short, easy hike in there.

Then we headed up to the State Park. We chose what we thought was a medium hike from Doane Pond to Scott's Cabin -- but the map didn't really tell us it was up the side of a large hill/small mountain! (That on top of the 5500-ft elevation left me panting a bit. But, I adjusted to the slightly thinner air fairly quickly.) And, at the end of the trail called Scott's Cabin, it turns out there is no cabin.... False advertising? :-)

The missing cabin notwithstanding, I got to enjoy a great day out on a mountain, a good workout (man, my calves are tight tonight!) and some damn funny conversation!

- T

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