Saturday, November 01, 2008

Voodoo Snake-Handling Inquisitionists for 8

I'm working today -- right next door to Qualcomm Stadium. Usually, we have to deal with visiting Raider groupies or the occasional drunk Charger fan coming through the store.

Today, though, we'll be faced with a far more ridiculous yet malicious visitor: Yes on Proposition 8 religious fanatics.

It seems the religious nuts have decided to hold a 12-hour fast and prayer-athon to ask GAWD to pass Proposition 8. They're gathering at Qualcomm Stadium and fasting for 12 hours, so no food will be served there.

[The mall I work at has the nearest McDonald's and Subway, so you KNOW they'll be sneakin' out around lunchtime and coming over here. I decorated my truck to welcome them. (Don't ya just want to bake some bread and cinnamon rolls and barbecue some ribs next to the stadium -- and then rent a big industrial-sized fan...?)]

So, instead of getting out and building homes for the homeless, cleaning up trash on the highways and beaches or cooking meals for the many hungry families around SoCal, they're wasting hundreds of thousands of man-hours focusing all their hatred and bigotry and evil thoughts on just one cause: bug the old man on the cloud long enough and loud enough that he'll magically revoke civil liberties with his wand.

Very "Christian" of them, isn't it?

- T

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