Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Sea Change

A huge victory was won by Barack Obama and also by the United States tonight.

To think that so many Americans could look past race, an uncomfortably alien-sounding name and only a few years' experience in national politics and elect Barack Obama as our next president. It is truly amazing.

It is very heartening to know that, given the situation we're in today in the United States, we would look to someone with well-articulated, new plans for the country and not to someone mired in the past, linked to the current Republican administration and obviously representative of a less-than-popular, outdated point of view.

Congratulations, Mr Obama -- please serve us and represent us well. I have faith that you will.

And yet, on a night filled with such positive emotions and hope for the future, I'll be going to bed with some disappointment and anger in my heart.

It looks like my fellow Californians will have decided to take away from my fellow gays and lesbians marriage rights currently in place. I couldn't be more saddened that there are so many bigots and religious Neanderthals in my state.

Shame on all of you who voted for Proposition 8. Shame on you for not thinking with your heads and your hearts and instead following the 'party line' set down by the royalty in your various religious sects....

That so many churches got involved and made an election issue into an issue they would spend pulpit time and (tax-free!) money on disgusts me. Why must these bigots take an issue that has NO effect on them (unless they are involved in a gay or lesbian relationship) and push their hate-driven agenda on their 'sheep'? And why must there be so many 'sheep' who can't see past their superstitions?

Speaking in tongues? Handling snakes? Baptizing dead people? Avoiding cheese with beef? Really? You think this crap is still viable in the 21st Century?

Again: shame on you. Now crawl back into your caves.

And to those of you who did the right thing and voted NO on 8, I thank you and hope you know how much your vote is appreciated by those of us for whom you were trying to help secure civil rights.

- T

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