Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vote No On Proposition 8

Interesting reaction to my post of yesterday evening.... NO comments, neither positive nor negative. But nonetheless, a HUGE amount of interest created by the posting.

In less than 20 hours, I've had 60+ hits on just that one blog entry. The majority (nearly 50 hits!) are from just two ISPs: the Californian State Senate and the California State Legislature.

Mighty curious.... Are staffers for those politicians listed as endorsing Proposition 8 searching the web to see who has noticed their bosses' bigotry?

Are there actually interns sitting in offices in Sacramento taking a tally? "Senator Tom McClintock: 10 blogs against his support, 2 blogs for. Assemblywoman Mimi Walters: 22 blogs against, 5 blogs for." I sure hope they're unpaid interns.... I can't imagine that the State of California (that is to say: "we taxpayers"), with our dismal budget issues, can afford to PAY people to do this on government time using government internet access.

And now, for your viewing pleasure:

- T

p.s. Had to remove my Google Ads banner on the right side of my site. The first ad I noticed Google had posted there this evening was a "Yes on 8" ad. I'll forgo ad revenue to keep hate speech off my blog, thank you very much! (On the other hand, Google has spoken out against Proposition 8. Much obliged, Sergey Brin.)

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