Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thank You, Mayor Sanders

Last night at the San Diego Center, hundreds of members of the gay and
lesbian community gathered to hear some of the leaders in the fight to
defeat Proposition 8 discuss our options now that 8 seems to have passed.
We can expect many legal battles before this is over -- already, the ACLU,
HRC, and the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco are bringing cases
before the court to void the proposition's results.
And our city's mayor, who took such a strong stand against the proposition,
was recognized and then gave a rousing speech encouraging the crowd not to
give up the fight and to press on with our demands for true equal rights.
His daughter and her partner joined him on the stage.
There was some good-natured ribbing from the other leaders on stage, as
Mayor Sanders is a Republican. But, his stand and commitment is so
commendable that everyone gave the mayor a huge round of applause. In fact,
his speech may have been some of the most strident I heard last night.
Thank you, Mayor Sanders.
- T

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