Sunday, May 04, 2008

Just a few things...

Suspicions Confirmed: “All-natural” Pinkberry frozen yogurt isn’t quite, but the founder of the firm thought he could legally say it that way because the “yogurt” part was all-natural, even if the dozen-or-so additives weren’t....

Tempe, Ariz., motorist David Lopez grabbed his gun to threaten an allegedly lousy driver in a Road Rage Moment, but then, while waving it around, Lopez accidentally shot himself.

[News of the Weird, Thursday, April 24, 2008]

Man, I love this kind of stuff.... We have SO much horrible news in the world -- food prices rising so quickly that it may lead to famine, war (Iraq, the threat of war with Iran, other conflicts going on around the world), that poor messed-up family in Austria and the even worse events south of San Angelo, TX. It is nice to know someone is still tracking the News of the Weird.

Thank you, Chuck Shepherd!

In other news: I've been playin' around this week with using Flickr instead of/along with Picasa for photo upload and sharing.... Many of my friends use Flickr, the interaction with others is really nice, the organization tools are great and easy to use (even after the photos have been uploaded).... And yet, I somehow think things will get complicated posting some photos in one spot, others in another.... Who else has used both products? What kind of suggestions do you have?

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