Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Oh, Mrs. Beasley -- what have you become...?

Unbelievable what some kids still have to put up with in the more backwards, under-developed areas of the country....

Take a look at this blog entry and see for yourself what a PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL thinks is proper behavior based on rational judgment. This bitch, one Daphne Beasley, decided it was her place to out two gay students in her high school to not only faculty and other students -- but to the students' parents!!

Anyone who has dealt with the coming-out process knows that it has to be handled on a one-on-one basis. Some people tell their parents at an early age, others wait until they're safely away from home and not in danger of being evicted from their parents' home or even of being physically abused by their parents. And others may choose to never tell their families they are gay.

And yet here is someone supposedly educated -- and not only educated, but educated in childhood development -- who felt it was her place to tell the school, the faculty, the parents.... And why? No, not out of her sense of caring towards these students. Not because the students had caused a "scene" at the school, whatever that might mean. (They hadn't, by the way.) She outed them because she "didn't like gay people and wouldn't tolerate homosexuality at her school". Way to go, Memphis -- you sure can pick ya some damn fine principals there in the land of buck teeth and hayseeds.

And, remember -- this isn't some religious school where the students were told beforehand they couldn't reveal that they are gay, had to wear funny plaid skirts or kneel on a wooden beam before god. No -- this is a PUBLIC school, paid for with PUBLIC tax dollars -- which also pay this bitch's salary.... Again, way to go, Memphis....

Oh, if you'd like to e-mail Daph and let her know what you think of her modern education policies, you can reach her at:

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Trev said...

What a total b*tch!!

Oh just Ehu. said...

Yeah, I agree!!

GRR!! That infuriates me! Who the hell does she think she is?? As if high school isn’t hard enough, and now to add that on as well?! It’s sad when you can still find people who are ignorant, callous and closed minded.