Sunday, April 02, 2006

Off to Sweden

I'm catching the train to Sweden in the morning -- just one of the perks of working for a Swedish company. So, there may or may not be much blogging from afar. I can now blog and send pictures from my phone. But, on my first trip to Sweden last year (before I knew better), I was hit with a massive data access charge on my phone bill. So, unless I find a few minutes to send a message or two, you won't hear from me before Friday.

It's my fourth trip now to the company headquarters, so I've got it down to a routine. Catch the train to Copenhagen. Bring snacks and reading material -- and my iPod filled with podcasts and music.

Here's where it gets weird. Just when you get settled in and the train seems to be moving along just fine on rails, it decides it's had enough and boards the ferry. Seriously. The train rolls out of the station in Puttgarden, the ferry opens up a wide hatch and the train just rolls on into the ferry.

The ferry ride takes about 30-40 minutes. Just enough time to get out for a breath of fresh air and enjoy the view of the Baltic Sea. We dock on the Denmark side and continue, again on rails, to Copenhagen.

Arrive at Copenhagen and find where your connecting train is leaving from (usually Track 5.) Then off to the land of squirrel and moose. (Again, seriously. Lots of squirrel and I saw not one but TWO moose on my very first trip up to Sweden.)

Not much to do in the town I'm heading to. It's small and definitely a company town. But, it's beautiful and peaceful. Although I will have some busy days filled with meetings, I'm guaranteed to come back well-rested.

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