Thursday, April 20, 2006

English Theatre

Got an invite this week from my buddy Dave to attend the opening performance of Bad Blood at Hamburg's English Theatre with him. The show was tonight, and I'm very glad we went.

I've been battling a little cold since returning from Berlin, and I was afraid my coughing would disturb the other theatergoers, so I had a fresh pack of Fisherman's Friends in my pocket (went through half of the lozenges) -- I don't think my coughing was THAT annoying, was it, Dave? (I only got one nasty look from a blue-hair in front of me -- and I felt an evil sense of joy in the second act when the friend sitting next to her also began coughing!)

The play was interesting. A definite thriller with a lot of emotional tension. There were some plot twists, some violence, some difficult relationship issues. Very interesting -- and very well acted by the cast. I have to admit, I expected something more along the lines of community theater -- a la the Blaine, Missouri residents in Waiting for Guffman. But I couldn't have been more wrong -- these five actors did a wonderful, professional job!

So, hats off to: Julian Agnew, Venetia Deane, Michael Garland, Holly Weston and Ben Wigzell. Thanks for a great performance and I look forward to your next production.


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DaveO said...

The coughing didn't bother me but your farting I could have done without.

Thanks for coming with me and I'm glad you enjoyed it.