Wednesday, April 05, 2006

København Hovedbanegård (Copenhagen Main Station)

Well, the trip to Sweden was basically a loss.... Our database programmer
from Munich fell ill, no one called/e-mailed/SMSed me, and I ended up in
Sweden with no meeting to attend!

I did use the time to meet with our corporate IT coordinator. We're working
on a new Service Level Agreement and we spent the time discussing some of
the details.

After work on Tuesday, I hiked around the woods north of town. There's a
big lake and I seemed to have the entire shore all to myself. It was very

So, instead of staying in Sweden until Thursday or Friday, I left Wednesday
morning. I caught the early train and rode through southern Sweden as a
spring snowfall hit the forests and towns along the route. The birches and
pines were beautiful covered with a heavy dusting of snow.

I arrived in Copenhagen at about 09:00. Since this was a travel day anyway,
I decided to spend a few hours in Copenhagen -- one of my favorite cities.

This wasn't the best day to wander around, as the weather was all over the
place. Rain, sleet, hail, snow, wind -- and even a few minutes of sunshine.
Temps hovered around freezing all day -- and still I enjoyed my few hours
in CPH.

Tonight, after arriving in HH (Hansestadt Hamburg), I'll be meeting my
buddy Dave at Cafe Uhrlaub for a bite to eat and some good conversation.
Then, back to work tomorrow morning.

So, click the Travel Photos link on the right and see some of the things I
saw -- I should have some new pix up before bed tonight!


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Hans the Norwegian said...

Hi Todd!

This is Hans from Oslo; long time no see. So you have a blog too! I found a link on Dave's blog to yours and will check it every now and then. I see you now have been to two of the Scandinavian countries. So feel free if you ever want to check out the third coundtry. You'll be welcome in Oslo anytime. Bring Dave and Frank with you too!

Take care.

Hans :O)