Thursday, March 05, 2009

Great SD Blog!

Hey, 619ers! Got a great blog for ya to read. This guy covers new plans and projects around the city, new architecture, restaurants, etc.

His most recent entry is about Seaport Village -- and mirrors what I've been thinking for a while. (Which is: "What is this great stretch of San Diego bayfront property doing masquerading as a Fresno strip mall?" [No offense intended, Fresnonians!])

And, no -- I'm not a fan of the all-lower-case style. But, since I really like the content, I can read past it.

- T

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oh just ehu. said...

THANK YOU!! Totally love the blog! Seaport Village does need a lil re-vamping!

...and thanks for the heads up on the 'all-lower-case'--it's one of my pet peeves! (A lil hypocritical since my last sentence was all lower case)