Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Beautiful Angry Sky

"[Red, purple and orange] colours arise from Mie Scattering, low angle scattering of light off dust, soot, smoke and (ash) particles. Mie Scattering (producing the colours of sunset and sunrise) is beautifully recognizable down-wind of and after dust storms, forest fires and volcanic eruptions that inject large quantities of fine particulate matter into the atmosphere." - Wikipedia

No real post today. Finally the fires nearest San Diego are subsiding somewhat -- but there is still plenty of smoke, soot and ash in the air. The Harris Fire to the south is now threatening areas east of Rancho San Diego near Jamul and points east. Parts of Camp Pendleton and areas of the Rice Canyon and Witch Valley Fires continue to burn....

Downtown, the wrath of the fires makes itself known through spectacular sunsets.

- T

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