Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pocket Shots

Saw this on the web yesterday -- what a convenient idea. It's sort of like
a modern version of the old metal flask. But, this won't set off any metal

Apparently, they are individual shot-sized plastic pouches of various
liquors: rum, gin, vodka, etc. You can toss them in a backpack, carry 'em
in your carpenter pants pocket, maybe store 'em in your glove compartment.
[Just kidding -- probably not a good idea.]

Then, when the urge for a pick-me-up hits, you've got the most important
part of the cocktail right there. Just add mixer and enjoy!

Honestly, it seems like it makes having liquor at your disposal just a
LITTLE too handy. And, should I be worried that it looks so much like a
10-year-old's Capri Sun pouch...?

But, I must admit -- as soon as I see them on my corner liquor store's
shelf, I'm buying a few!

Oh, one more thing -- I posted my Yosemite pictures yesterday.

- T

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