Thursday, August 02, 2007

Döner: decent...

Yesterday Dave got the keys to his new place. We brought a few bottles of wine and some classy plastic cups and helped him celebrate his new digs. The location is great! 1 1/2 blocks from Morley Field in a really nice area of North Park. His deck is destined to become the new outdoor dining mecca in San Diego. And, now we're practically neighbors again. I think I was a bit closer in Hamburg, but his new house can't be more than a mile away.

And now, on to the review! We dashed home from the döner place last night and dove into dinner. I guess the consensus was: decent.

Tj. and Bill both had the lamb. They liked the flavor, but the meat seemed to be typical gyros meat -- much more processed than what we're used to.

Dave and I each had a Geflügel-Döner -- ok, they just call it chicken. It was tasty, but I think a bit too much mint was added to the mix. Gave it an unusual flavor.

Our biggest complaint -- they do NOT serve the döner kebaps in Fladenbrot/flatbread. Instead, they use what is the most common of all possible foodstuffs here in SoCal -- tortillas....

Fine, it was like a Turkish burrito instead of a döner, but it still tasted good. (Dürum Döner is what the wrap-like döner is called, at least at all the Turkish places I know. Hey, Kebab Shop: offer both types of döner, put a bit more cacık on it -- and I'll be a regular!)

I'll go back for a lamb one next time -- oh, and for another salad, which was great. Tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, lettuce, flat bread/pita cut into triangles and some delicious hummus. (Sad when the salad was my favorite part of the meal....)

- T

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