Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

We packed a lot into just one day today....

After working part of the day today -- [why, if it's called a national holiday, are so many places allowed to be open? Couldn't we survive just one day every few months where only public transportation, convenience stores and a few restaurants were open? Who else is old enough to remember when a holiday meant businesses were closed and most people were off work for the day and could spend time with their family and friends???!!!] -- I dashed home, changed and left for the AFC Bears pool party at Steve and Mike's place.

They've really got a killer location for summer parties. There's room outside in the yard to set up a bar, a buffet area and a grill, they have a big pool, lots of seating and space.... I've been to two pool parties there -- the place and the crowd are both memorable!

After quite a few hours socializing at the party, Tj., Bill, Dave and I headed back to our place, had a quick bite to eat and then drove to Bill's office building downtown. It is one of the top places in the city to see the fireworks -- 30 floors up, just off the bay, and balconies you can go out on for unobstructed views. Here's one of the shots I took this evening.

Happy 4th, everyone!

- T


Trev said...

Yeah fireworks are great and all but where's the pool party pics! lol

Happy 4th July!

Todd said...

:-) Unfortunately, the images of 60 men hanging out for 6 hours, swimming and having a good time are locked away forever in my mind. I had to make a decision to swim and have fun or take photos -- you know how I decided!

Dave got a few shots on his camera (he conned someone else to take a few pics while he was in the pool!), so you might see them on his photo account.