Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Black Dog-Women

"A new MTV cartoon depicting black women squatting on all fours tethered to leashes and defecating on the floor is drawing fire from several prominent African Americans who call the episode degrading."

What on earth?! Have I been away from the States so long that this type of TV is now acceptable? Well, I guess it IS cable....

I think anyone would be hard-pressed to describe me as a prude. Really, though -- NO ONE should be depicted as a dog-woman, collared and leashed, on all fours, DEFECATING! Especially not a black woman. (Maybe a hot guy in a collar. That could work.... But definitely not a black woman....)

And another thing -- shouldn't the show be called "Where Are My Dogs?" and not "Where My Dogs At?".

For a country that was all up-in-arms about a little shielded nipple being displayed on TV, I'm highly surprised poopin' dog-women was considered a good programming choice. (OK, after looking at that nipple again, I guess I can't call it little!) Again, though -- it IS cable. And you don't need to subscribe to cable if you don't want to. I really don't think the FCC should have much say about what is shown on cable -- but the viewers, who are paying good money for that programming, should let MTV know that this is really too much.


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